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Vintage MCI JH636 console with John Hardy preamps

MCI JH24 24 track 2 inch recorder

3.46 GHz six-core Power Mac

Cubase 9 w/ 24 channels of Black Lion Audio/ MOTU 1296

Black Lion Audio Miro Clock MkII

Drawmer 1960 stereo tube compressor/pre-amp

Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity pre-amp

FMR PBC-6A compressor

Joe Meek VC3Q compressor/pre-amp

RAMSA WR-DA7 Digital Mixer

KRK V8 Studio Monitors

UAD2 Quad Card with plug ins


Micro Express USB Midi Interface

Fostex D5 Dat Recorder


Telefunken AK47 Tube Microphone

AT4050 CM5

(2) AT 4041 X2

Studio Projects C1

AKG C3000

AKG D112

(3) Sennheiser E604

Shure SM58

Shure SM BETA58

Shure SM57


Hammond B3 with Leslie Cabinet

Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase

Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Stage

Wurlitzer 200 A

RMI Electrapiano

Hohner E7 Clavinet/Pianet

Yamaha YC25-D Combo Organ

Vox Jaguar

Yamaha MOTIF ES8

Nord Stage 88

General Music PROMEGA 3

E-MU MK-6 Mo Phatt Keyboard

Yamaha EX5R

Alesis QS6.1

Gibson Les Paul TV Special

Fender Telecaster

Epiphone Al Caiolo Custom

Epiphone Limited Edition SG

Epiphone J-160E

Johnson 6 string Acoustic

Ovation 6 string Acoustic

Applause 12 string Acoustic AE35

Custom Electric Mandolin

Hohner Melodica

1957 Ludwig Buddy Rich Drum Set

Alexis Crimson Electronic Drums with mesh heads

Pearl 4 piece Drum Kit

Kaman Legend Snare

Vintage Zildjian Cymbals and Hi Hats

LP Congas

Full Percussion Assortment


1972 Fender Vibrolux Amplifier


Reverend Hellhound

Roland JC 120

Fender 2x12 Cabinet

Baldwin Professional Custom Amplifier

Barbetta SONA 41 Amplifier


Kontakt 5 Sampler

Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11

Spectrasonics Keyscape

UVI B-5 V2

IK Multimedia MODO Bass

IK Multimedia Philharmonik 2

Native Instruments B4

Lounge LIzard 3 Electric Piano

GMedia MTron Pro

GMedia MTron

GMedia Virtual String Machine

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX with expansion packs


SampleTank 3 with Squids Tron collection


Guitar Rig 5

AmpliTube 2

AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix

Menatone Red Snapper

Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere

Mooger Fooger 12 stage Phaser

Ibanez Analog Delay

Ibanez Modulation Delay

Electro Harmonix QTron

Electro Harmonix Big Muff

Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box

MXR Dynacomp

MXR Phase 100

Maestro Boomerang Wah

Dunlap Crybaby Wah

Howling Dog Wah

Howling Dog Erogenous Moan Wah

Morley Wah

Korg AX1000G


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